About us 

  • Our Beginning
    The Kendra has a unique history. In 1959, the executive committee of the Indian Assembly of Youth came to the conclusion that if youth work has to be developed in the country on scientific lines, a national youth centre should be established, which would provide on a continuous basis, training in youth work to the workers of youth organisations.
  • The Present
    At present Shri Rajat Kumar Narain is the Chairman and Shri Shishir Bajaj is the Managing Trustee of the Indian Youth Centre Trust.
  • Our Vision
    A pioneering organisation in the field of youth development, the Kendra was set up by the Indian Youth Centres Trust with a view to:
  • Looking Ahead
    The unique positioning of Vishwa Yuvak Kendra clearly equips it to meet the challenges that lie ahead. While the Kendra feels the need to grow and expand in response to increasing demands, it also recognizes the need to consolidate and bring into focus its programme activities with a clear thrust on development issues. After serious introspection, the Kendra presently envisages to strengthen and involve itself in the following fields of activity:
  • International Linkage
    The need was felt in August 1958, while hosting the third General Conference of the World Assembly of Youth (WAY) in Delhi.